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Affordable Residential Appraisals in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia

How We Can Help

Before Selling Your Home

Homeowners putting their house on the market can have a pre-listing appraisal conducted to get a better sense of the market value of the home. Doing so can help determine a realistic asking price, increasing the likelihood of a fast sale. Perhaps you want to know the correct square footage of the home before listing.  We can help with that by coming out and measuring your home, making sure you know your square footage as well as Finished/Unfinished basement if applicable.

Applying for Loans

Other types of loans, including cash and business loans, may require you to use your home as a source of collateral. 

Appealing Tax Assessments

If the value of your home listed on your property tax bill appears too high—if housing prices in your neighborhood or city have declined, for example—you may be able to appeal the assessment. Does the tax assessor show a full upstairs when you have an open foyer and two story living room? An independent appraisal could help strengthen your case, which ultimately could lower your annual property tax. 


Beers Appraisals

Counties Served

Bartow, GA

Cherokee, GA

Cobb, GA

Dawson, GA

Douglas, GA

Forsyth, GA

Fulton, GA

Gordon, GA

Paulding, GA

Pickens, GA



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